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Project Description
This is my own Open Source Client Framework encapsulating the BetFair WSDL API, for easy object orientied use in your own application for betting and retrieving data.
This is a personal project and not related to the official BetFair Company.
BetFair can be found on

Documentation of the API can be found here

I'm currently working on a new release of the .net BetFair Client Framework
As I want to offer best quality I started a whole new redesign.

For this the Framework will need the async CTP and code contracts. You can both get for free.
But because this is just a private project, it will take till summer 2012 for the first beta of this clients tools.

Here some examples on how easily the Client Framework can be used.

         string user, pw;

          Console.Write("User: ");
          user = Console.ReadLine();

          Console.Write("PW: ");
          pw = Console.ReadLine();

          //Creating the Betfair adapter
          BFAdapter wrapper = new BFAdapter(BE.Betfair.Constants.FreeProductId);

          Console.WriteLine("Singing on...");
          var authResult = await wrapper.SignOnAsync(user,pw.ToSecureString());

          Console.WriteLine("Signed on");
          if (authResult.Success)
              Console.WriteLine("Getting Profil...");
              var profile = await wrapper.GetCurrentProfileAsync(authResult.Session);

              Console.WriteLine("Getting EventTypes...");
              var typeState = await wrapper.GetEventTypesAsync(authResult.Session);

              foreach (var curEventType in typeState.EventTypes)
                  Console.WriteLine(curEventType.Id + " " + curEventType.Name);

                  var events = await wrapper.GetEventsByTypeAsync(authResult.Session, curEventType);

                  foreach (MarketSummary curEvent in events.MarketSummaries)


              Console.WriteLine("Events Readed");

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